Our Program

Simple Fundamentals Create Profit

Fundamental principles of cattle production define the Begger Diamond V Ranch program. Located near Wilbaux, Montana, Diamond V branded cows have marginal room for error.

To remain in the Begger herd a cow must maintain balanced udder structure throughout their lifetime, calve unassisted, and bring home a heavy calf at weaning time. Currently, the herd consists of approximately 450 of these self sufficient females; with one third calving in the fall and two thirds of them being spring calvers.

Pioneers in the conversion of solid black Simmentals the Begger family has ranched in the Wilbaux, Montana area for a half century, beginning with Bob and Bill’s father, Harry. Presently the operation is run by Bill and his wife Darlene, and Bob and his wife Virginia. Their current home ranch was acquired in 1968 and the family implemented an AI program in 1974; the first Begger bull sale was then held in 1976.

Because a large percentage of Begger customers prefer black cattle, the operation demands the use of homozygous black and polled A.I. studs and herd sires. With nearly 85% of their brood cows also fitting this bill, the ranch has not had to dehorn a calf in ten years. The few remaining red cows are bred back to red bulls, filling the need for customers preferring a red Simmental.

Begger's Diamond V Ranch
Begger's Diamond V is a family-operated Simmental and Angus Ranch. We run approximately 700 cows and prepare all year long for our Bull Sale in February.